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McKay has been a professional photographer for 40 years.

During this time he not only explored the many facets of photography, but has been the mayor of Nevada City, owned a successful silkscreen and graphic design business, and been a strong supporter of the arts in his community. McKay has taught photography privately since 1976..... more

Photographer David Mckay

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All images are now available printed on metal, a modern and striking presentation of McKay's beautiful photographs. These durable, archival metal prints have a vibrant luminescence. People that see a metal print for the first time often think that the print is backlit. The pricing is the same as that listed for a similar size canvas print.




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Yuba Seasons River Photography

David McKay's award winning book,Yuba Seasons: Images of the Wild & Scenic South Yuba River, includes sweeping panoramas of the South Fork of the Yuba River as well as stunning images depicting the play of light on water and rocks. A place of unsurpassed beauty captured during all the seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. McKay has been photographing the Yuba River and it's surroundings for over 40 years.


What others are saying about McKay's book:

“Best photography I’ve ever seen of that sweet little river.“
-Gary Snyder
Pulitzer Prize Poet

“The photographs so elegantly convey the vivid color, energy and mood this natural treasure of a river embodies. Your lens has captured powerful moments in the rivers time and place, and you have rendered them with the finesse of the master painters. A wonderful achievement!”
-Terry Riley

“What Ansel Adams did for Yosemite, David McKay does for the Yuba River.“
-Julia Carol
Art Collector

“David McKay's Yuba Seasons, … has some of the best nature photography we’ve seen in a long time. He has captured something really mind-blowing about the interaction of water and light and stone. The landscapes are great, but the river shots are beautiful, mysterious, fast and deep. You can feel them as much as you see them. Really fine.”
-Byron Coley & Thurston Moore
Bull Tongue, Arthur Magazine

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